Clickbank University Owner’s Adam Horwitz And Justin Atlan Launch Clickbank Builder

Clickbank University Owner’s Adam Horwitz And Justin Atlan Launch Clickbank Builder





Massive Online Action listens into to Clickbank University Owner’s Adam Horwitz And Justin Atlan as they launch their new product –  Clickbank Builder




I always thought there was something weird about Clickbank University. Yes it is a great idea for Clickbank to educate its affiliates in the art of marketing but to charge them for the privilege of doing so seems kind of mercenary to me



And while I am at it who are Adam and Justin and how the hell did they manage to land this gig? The official line is that they were invited in to bestow their knowledge, sprinkling their magical internet marketing fairy dust over the hoards of wannabe marketers with the promise that they and only they could make their fairy story come true



I often wondered whether they actually gatecrashed their way in rather than being invited in to the party or is there is a long lost Clickbank CEO’s daughter tied up with duct tape, hollering away in a wood shack somewhere in the backcountry being used as leverage until Justin and Adam finally achieve world domination?!



Anyways, the webinar was promoted as a special FREE bonus presentation following a previous webinar for which I paid a dollar and offered some interest ideas on, amongst other things, using You Tube to get traffic to your clickbank product.



The webinar promised to reveal Adam & Justin’s 8 figure blueprint. What followed was a classic Webinar sales pitch to promote a major product upsell which they have entitled the Clickbank Builder



Adam & Jason have obviously decided that they are done with small $47 sales (which is kind of ironic as it is the bedrock upon which Clickbank was built) and they now need to move up in the world and their product will set you back $1997 or even more if you take out one of the payment plans of two payments of $1050 or three payments of $397



So what do you get for your money? What is Clickbank Builder?



The principle behind Clickbank Builder seems pretty solid. Why promote other people’s products on Clickbank when you can create your own product and sell it yourself and take the lion’s share of the profits?



Where Clickbank Builder comes in is that it provides a seamless integration into the Clickbank platform so that you can sell your product effortlessly and immediately through Clickbank without the hassle and technical knowledge normally required to set up squeeze pages and sales funnels



In addition, Justin and Adam offer their own expertise and knowledge in helping you get your product to market.  Including an 8 week training programme providing everything from finding the perfect product, product creation and traffic generation and how to get affiliates to promote your product



The webinar came with the obligatory bonuses including access to a private members area and private consulting for the first 10 sign ups



Is it worth the money?



Well obviously $1997 is not cheap especially when you consider that you can get a clickbank funnel set up for less than $50. Here is a Fiverr gig I found which sets up the whole system for $40



Even if you are regularly creating new products there are products out there such as PitchMagic which will allow you to set up simple sales funnels for only $24.95 per month



 That been said, Adam is the creator behind Mobile Monopoly and the brains behind Clickbank University so if anybody can deliver this kind of value then maybe these are the guys to do it but it is going to have to deliver pretty serious results for cost



You can find out more about ClickBank Builder here 



If you have tried Clickbank builder then share your experiences in the comments