Can You Make Money With Plexus?

Can You Make Money With Plexus?



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Plexus is an interesting new Multi-Level Marketing opportunity that has been making waves in the United States. Plexus makes nutritional supplements and weight loss products. The company was only founded in 2013, by three men who have decades of experience in direct sales: Tarl Robinson, Alfred Pettersen, and Alec Clark.





Plexus Products



Plexus promises a safe, easy and natural way to lose weight. Plexus only uses natural ingredients in its weight loss products such as Plexus Slim and Pink Drink.


The company claims that their products keep blood pressure at a healthy rate and keep the cholesterol levels down, and reduce weight without using any stimulants such as caffeine.


Plexus products have a high fiber base which keeps you satiated and reduces cravings for more food. They are also rich in antioxidants that are so essential for natural weight loss.



Plexus Direct Sales Opportunity



Plexus is a company started by three men who have been in direct sales all their lives. So, the company knows what people looking for a direct sales opportunity truly want – which is a low risk business that is easy to get started, and one that offers an excellent chance to make a decent extra income.




Also, network marketers want the flexibility to work their own hours. They get that with Plexus, plus, they also get an exhaustive training in direct sales from experienced network marketers hired by the company.


Plexus Compensation



Plexus offers 11 ways in all to earn an income. Since the company is still very new – it was only founded in 2013 – as of now, there are only a limited Plexus success stories when it comes to network marketers selling Plexus products. But the compensation plan offered by Plexus is up there with the best.



The quickest way to make money with Plexus is to sell the product. You can get started with a welcome pack that only costs between $100 and $200. On buying the welcome pack, you will receive products at a discount, as well as your own website and a back office – which is quite considerate of them.



You can make commissions of 15 to 25% on every sale that is over $100. The more products you sell, higher will be the commission paid by Plexus. The best way to make money on Plexus is to have teams of your own.




Leadership qualities count for a lot and team leaders stand to make a lot of money – up to 1 to 4% of the total sales volume generated by everyone in a team. This can quickly add up to something really quite big.



High Quality Training



As a Plexus distributer, you will be trained by the best and most successful network marketers on direct sales techniques. Plexus offers a variety of training and support options, holds regular conferences, one-on-one training with members of your immediate upline and more.




The training can be conducted at any time of your choice by internet or by Skype. You will be trained on goal setting and tackling the various queries or doubts people have about a direct sales or MLM opportunity. You will be trained on how to recruit other people into the business.



Can You Make a Lot of Money with Plexus?



Plexus is a new company and it will take some time before we can say if you can make serious money with it. However, it is a fact that marketers who make the most money out of an MLM business are those who join the company in its early stages. So joining Plexus today could make you a lot of money later, if the company goes on to achieve great success.




The best way to make a LOT of money from Plexus is to be a leader and to recruit your own team – for this you will require exemplary network marketing talent and leadership ability.