Can You Make Money From Ebay?

Can You Make Money From eBay?


eBay is one of the leading online sellers market in the world. eBay has gained popularity in the recent past with an increase in the number of people preferring to purchase stuff online.

One of the reasons why most people are getting to eBay to buy stuff is the relative fair price that one can get there. But it is not just a buyer’s thing to take advantage of, for sellers too are gaining from eBay.


Can I make money from eBay?


This is a question that most people having been asking from time to time without getting a concrete answer to it.

Making money in eBay is possible. There are many people who have already made hundreds of dollars and companies making profits of up to millions of dollars. So, yes, you can make money on eBay so let’s look at how can I make money from eBay


How to Make Money From eBay


The easiest way of making money from eBay is to find a product and sell it.

Selling is what gives people money in ebay. You can sell anything in Ebay so long as it has market appeal. And even when it does not have the market appeal, you can always create the appeal for people to start appreciating it as a unique product. There is also an alternate of making money on ebay without selling.

To start earning money in ebay through selling, you can follow the easy steps described below here.


Create an eBay Account


The first thing to do if you want to make money on eBay is to create an account with eBay. This account will open up ways for you to start earning money. Account setup does not require any technical skill.


Find Something to Sell


You definitely have something to sell. It does not have to be a new product that you are selling; you can also sell a used item, e.g. a used phone. You will find that there are a number of things in your house or your office that you no longer use. Such things can be useful to other people hence creating a market for your products.


Research the Product


You should afterwards do a thorough research to evaluate the price of your item. You need to know the accepted online price before you state your price. While doing research, you should also research on hot keywords that are used by people earning money on ebay.


Market your Product


Once you are done with the research, you can use the findings of the research to market your product. This will require you to make a good description of your product and also take photos of it. While you try and market your product on eBay, consider using social media to market your product. The social media sites are free to advertise and hence you lose nothing by posting your eBay links on those social sites.


List your Product correctly


It is very important to list your item correctly. What many people do if they are selling a table is simply to put ‘Black Wooden Table’ What you actually need to do is properly describe the table making use of all of the space given to you to do so. Therefore a better title may be Solid Oak Folding Pembroke Black Wooden Table and Six Chairs for Kitchen or Dining Room as this will allow people to find your item easier


Improve and protect your eBay reputation


eBay sellers and particularly buyers take your reputation seriously. Your reputation is based upon how many negative comments you have received as a percentage of transactions made and a poor score will stop people from wanting to do business with you. The rules of selling or buying on eBay have to be


  1. Make sure the description of your item matches what you are selling
  2. Deliver your item within the timescales that you advertised
  3. Pay promptly and on time
  4. Deal with any concerns or complaints immediately


Use Quality images


It is very important that you sell put quality images that will increase your chances of getting customers in eBay. Those who are making money on eBay have a common characteristic which revolve around the quality of image displayed.


How to Make Money on eBay without Selling


As said earlier, one can also earn money on eBay without selling. How is this possible? In a bid to answer this question, we will look at the best ways of making money on eBay without selling.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is the easiest way of making money eBay without selling. eBay has an affiliate program where people are given chance to earn money without being involved in the selling process. Once you become an eBay affiliate member, you will get payouts depending on the commission agreed. All you need to do is to market eBay and get them more buyers.

As simple as that, you can start making money eBay without having to sweat for it.


Drop Shipping


It is theoretically possible to use other companies such as Amazon in order to ‘drop ship’ the item to an eBay buyer. The principle is simply to find an item that is being sold cheaply by Amazon (or similar site) and then sell that item more expensively via eBay and collect the profit.

Although money can be made this way the profit margins are quite small and the effort involved is time consuming and problems such as the item going out of stock and you not being able to deliver the order can cause problems


So can you make money from eBay?


From above, it is very evident that making money on eBay is possible and anybody can make money from eBay. The problem is that the amount you will make is likely to be quite small compared to the amount of effort involved.


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