Brunch on the GWR Express

Liverpool Street Station was bustling with commuters, but he was nowhere to be seen. I eyed the constantly changing horizon for the personal assistant with my important papers. “Come on” I muttered, I HAVE to get the 10.30am from Paddington. I looked anxiously at my watch. 10am…where was he. After ten minutes of anxious pacing he suddenly appeared. Within 10 seconds I was gone.

The London Metro was quiet and I bathed in the calm chug chug chugging. I missed the 10.30 by 2 minutes. Strongly though I was quite cheery about it it. I elected instead to take the 10.45am. It was a protracted route meaning that I would need to change trains midway through. As I approached the barrier I was aware of a rumbling belly- I had left the house with no breakfast. I started the match along the side of the train searching for a seat. Then I noticed Marc the unusually jovial staff member who was stood by the side of the train. As I approached him I realised that his badge said “Pullman”…….oh yes Pullman….

” i only have a stand at ticket”

“no problem” he replies. Go in and the staff will seat you.

i jumped on the train to be met with the most beautiful sight. A carriage laid up for a silver service breakfast.

“Just for one?”

And within moments I am sat during a pot of tea perusing a menu.

Below is my experience…Enjoy- I did

“We pulled away 10 minutes ago. The time is 10.55am.
I’m on my 2nd cup of tea and it is very lovely. I’ve just polished off a bowl of natural yoghurt with granola and honey which tasted divine.

In a moment I will be having the smoked haddock kedgeree and I cannot tell you how happy I am right now!!

I’ve been told that the train leaves Swansea very early in the morning at 5 o’clock and returns back to Swansea at 10.45am every single day with Pullman car fully operational. The cost of the breakfast is £18. As you can see from the photographs it includes everything that you could possibly want to set you up for the day you start with a cup of tea or coffee and a juice in my case- freshly squeezed orange juice!You then have natural yoghurt, porridge or cereal (very cool), then you get the choice of breakfast or more off the wall breakfast things like kedgeree, Eggs Benedict or Omlette Arnold Bennett. Then to top it all off you are constantly offered the bakery basket which contains warm saffron bread Welsh cakes and fresh baked toast …….and if you are celebrating Prosecco, Champagne, wine and vodka….. but it’s a bit too early for that in my opinion.

It is 1124. We left Paddington exactly 39 minutes ago and I have finished my breakfast. I have been brought a fresh pot of tea and looked after exquisitely by Edward.”

All train journeys should be like this one. There are only a handful of  Pullman carriages available on great Western Railway, my strong opinion is that there should be more