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Goals Wizard – Brian Tracey


7 years ago I had some coaching from the most amazing mentor imaginable. Peter Haddon of top achievers changed my world both in business and personally. The work which I did with him was groundbreaking. It was worth every penny, but it didn’t come cheap, and was perhaps the better for that fact. He used high level principles of NLP with me, incorporating visualisation and core beliefs and values. We met only 8 times a year, but those incredible meetings got me to levels in my business I had previously only fantasised about.

Then I stopped using him.

I convinced myself that I had reached a level where I had learned all I could from him. Big mistake in retrospect. I let so many of the disciplines deteriorate, and by the time I realised this I was in a catch 22 situation, as I did not feel I could afford him anymore!!

So that brings us to now. Many years have passed. So inspired was I by NLP that I went on to study it and qualified as a certified practitioner of NLP three years ago. I love NLP and its principles and I am a whizz at helping other people by using it….but with myself it is more difficult. I have sought out other coaches but as of yet none of them use the techniques which made all the difference to me all those years ago.

Then I found it!! IT!!! The answer to my prayers for personal development.

The Goal Wizard – Brian Tracey.

When I saw it on the AppStore I spotted that it had good reviews so had high expectations.

The initial download is free and it is around £18.99 to upgrade.

It is a brilliant tool for setting goals in an effective and manageable way. It asks you questions in realtime as if you were actually sat with a very brilliant NLP Expert. This was just on the free version.

It allows you to set daily and weekly rituals which remind you to get your work life balance sorted out….one of the reminders is “play with your kids!!”!

It divides the goals into categories and let’s you set sub goals and tasks relating to each goal.

I have found it exciting and refreshing and is like having a coach in your pocket.

I highly recommend this. I have the iOS version. I also highly recommend upgrading as this addressed core values and beliefs. I would also recommend that coaches recommend this app to their clients to perhaps use together?

I normally find goals apps clunky, but this is a work of art.

Thank you Brian Tracey. I am more effective than ever thanks to you!

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  1. Sounds like a cool app Kathryn and I know we are always learning and growing, even when we reach our goals. I love the challenge and surrounding myself with people that help to push and stretch me further. Thanks for sharing.

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