An Open Letter To Spammers




Yes I’m talking to you makemoneynow4623 barging into my sports forum chat with my buddies trying to wow us with your great ‘once in a lifetime’ business opportunity.


And you, L!XeW1re78 – email grabbing your way into my inbox – no I don’t need any Viagra yet – all performance thankfully so far is naturally produced


And yes this is also for Missymarketing43, shooting out her affiliate links like bullets from the Al Pacino’s ‘little friend’ at the end of Scarface


Look, it’s not just that it is TACKY and CHEESY and is the online equivalent of gate-crashing a complete stranger’s wedding for the drinks and free cake then heading to the nearest movie and just as the best scene starts to play jumping in front of the screen and shouting LISTEN, I’VE GOT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!


No, the thing that really pisses me off, that makes me grit my teeth and want to scream at the scammers out there is that THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO SELL ONLINE  


How about rather than just hitting everybody up with your latest offer, you find out where people who are more likely to appreciate and want your product hang out and then go there and GIVE THEM VALUE. Help them solve their common problems, import knowledge to them, teach them make yourself useful.


Guess what, not only will you start to be respected rather than reviled but folks will start to WANT TO BUY FROM YOU


It’s called relationship marketing; it’s also called feeling better about what you do and not feeling slutty about making money