An Honest RevenueHits Review

revenuehits review


An Honest RevenueHits Review



In this article I will be having a look at one of the money making alternatives for Bloggers – RevenueHits and providing an as honest as possible review of the service



As a blogger, you have probably realized that it has noticeably become easier and easier to make a living  writing via a blog. However, it can be sort of difficult to find the perfect website in which to host your work. There are various expenses that you will need to have, in order for your blog to run smoothly. It can be pretty frustrating when you do not have the funds to meet these important needs- ahh!


Well never fear, because now several network companies are beginning to provide bloggers with countless ways to  make a living through writing. One great option is to display company ads on your website, which allows you to make a few bucks in return. Think of this as being an excellent outlet to assist you in keeping your blogging site up and running. No more needing to worry about how to pay your hosting fee every month. Not having to stress about how to keep your blog website online will certainly be a great sigh of relief. This is where wonderful companies like RevenueHits come in.


With this company, the focus is taken off of money issues and web-hosting fees and they enable you to buckle down on getting your blog out there. RevenueHits helps you to properly monetize your blog online.


Who Are RevenueHits?



RevenueHits was founded in Israel back in 2008, and has been helping website owners internationally with their income by using ad clicks, simply displayed on their blog pages. The business consists of tech professionals, financial advisors and an online marketing team, who are there to provide all of the assistance you will ever need.


What is most influential about this company is that they help you with Geo-targeted ad serving technology (this is how they are able to bring in the maximum amount of money for your blog). This company does not have any hidden fees or costs- it is absolutely free to join. Once you sign up, you will be ready to start earning money from your blog- and with the options to use Payoneer, PayPal, or wire transfers- everything is hassle-free to receive your funds once they come in.






How RevenueHits Work



RevenueHits work by researching and utilizing only ads that have been proven to pull in the most clicks. This is called ‘performance-based usage’. The advertisements that RevenueHits posts to your website are tested for consumer interest. For instance, once you (the website owner) publish a particular ad that has been pre-selected by the company, you will automatically begin to earn revenue.


The point is to earn extra money from your blog while you write. This turns your website into a whole new business venture for you- and who cannot use a little additional money in their pockets? This company also works by handling SEO (search-engine optimization) for you. Not having your blog show up on the right page or list on any of the major search engines, like Google or Bing, can really help or destroy a blogger’s career.


Of course, the best way to take advantage of this outlet is by accessing the XML feed. RevenueHits makes a big fuss over keeping the XML feeds up-to-date and usable. Note: you are also given the cool option to personally customize the formats as you would like- bonus points!



Ad Types That Are Available To You



There are several different advertisements that are available for you to choose from, including but not limited to:


    • Pop-Up Ads
    • Banner Ads
    • Slider Ads


Now, those are just a few of the many advertisements that you may pick from, it all depends on what your preference might be. Remember that this is your blog, so you will have a lot of control over what you want to use on your website. The money that you can make from these ads will depend on how each particular ad performs on your blog.


This means that you need to bring the traffic to your blog yourself- but we promise that this is not as hard to do as it may sound at first. RevenueHits direct traffic to your site from around the glob, so you should not have that much trouble converting this traffic to your ads. Simply do a bit of research on your targeted market and choose advertisements that are geared towards what your viewers may be most interested in.


I would advise you not to post just any type of ads to your site because then the ads may become annoying or useless to your visitors and this method may actually veer them away from your blog. You definitely do not want that to happen, as it will defeat the purpose of having ads posted on your website in the first place!


RevenueHits are great in the fact that they have not limited themselves on the types of ads that they offer. You will be happy to know that they have incorporated a variety of genres, such as dating, coupons, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc. They review thousands of companies each day to choose only those ads shown to have the highest performance over a certain period of time before offering them to you.


Using Ads To Build An Audience


Being able to choose from various banner ad sizes and formats is very important to the functionality of The company uses a special algorithm to focus on the continued performance of the ads you’ve chosen. This mazimizes your earning potential, and ensures that visitors to your blog only see the best ads available. Using simple text and pop-up ads are the greatest eye-catchers. Go to RevenueHits now to begin earning for your website!



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