A List Of Positive Affirmations And How And Why They Will Change Your Life

A List Of Positive Affirmations And How And Why They Will Change Your Life



If you are looking to improve yourself and be more positive then here is a list  of positive affirmations to help you in your journey together with a brief explanation of how and why using affirmations will change your life



Imagine that one day you receive a delivery to your door and you are rather surprised and yet delighted to discover that you have won a competition and your prize is the worlds fastest and most powerful supercomputer – this things makes a Cray computer look like a calculator!



Not only this but this amazing computer is super easy to use; in fact all you have to do is to speak to this amazing machine and ask it to do whatever you want and it will deliver



What are you going to ask it?



Would you ask your supercomputer how to be wealthy, how to be successful, how to have a happy relationship, how to be healthy?



Would you take care of your amazing machine, ensure that it was not left lying around or was mis-used?



The fact is that you do own a super computer and it is located between your ears but the chances are that for quite a while now you have not been using as productively as you could



Facts about the unconscious mind



Your brain will be programmed by your environment no matter what



This programming will be determined by the impressions that you receive



Many of your self doubts, insecurities and so called weaknesses will be a result of programming that has taken place historically by others be it family members who were not supportive, that person who bullied you at school or that unfortunate experience that you had in your childhood



Affirmations – How They Work



Affirmations are how you reprogram your brain so that you get the results that you have decided you want rather than the results that have come about because of what has happened to you in the past. It is your way of telling your mind how things are going to be and if you do it correctly and consistently you will see results



Hints and tips on affirmations



Take what have been your biggest obstacles or struggles and make those the focus of your affirmations so you can turn things around immediately



Write out your affirmations on a piece of paper, take a photograph with your phone then store in a separate album. Use these pictures to repeat your affirmations



Read the affirmations often, at the very least read them last thing at night and first thing in the morning as these times are the most crucial for informing your mind of your intentions



Make sure that the affirmations are positive. The brain cannot process a negative so if you say ‘I will not be broke’ the only thing that you hear is ‘being broke’ Much better to say ‘I am becoming wealthy or ‘I attract abundance to my life’



If you are having real problems with the affirmations because your brain keeps saying things like ‘but I am not wealthy’ or ‘but people don’t like me’ then try phrasing the affirmations as questions such as ‘why am I attracting wealth and abundance to my life?’



This tends to shift the emphasis onto the question and helps to keep out those annoying negative voices that can stop an affirmation in its tracks



Here then is my list of positive affirmations; feel free to adapt or use or simply make up your own; just make them positive and be consistent and believe



I am becoming wealthy and abundance is filling my life and money is filling my bank account

I enjoy being around people and people enjoy being around me. The people I meet want to be my friend and do business with me

I am grateful for what I have and this enriches my life and increases what I have still further

My online business grows quickly day by day as I become more and more successful and closer to fulfilling my business and overjoyed by the results that I achieve 

I am inspired by what I do and enjoy the challenge of building my business and am overjoyed by the results that I achieve 

Every day I am open to learning inspiration and success in my life and my business

I am a wonderful, successful and happy person that other people want to be around, learn from and be inspired by 




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