A Comprehensive Adversal Review – How Adversal Can Help You Make A Living As A Writer

Adversal Review

A Comprehensive Adversal Review – How Adversal Can Help You Make A Living As A Writer



As a full-time writer, it can be hard to find enough stable outlets in which to make a decent amount of money to be able to live on without going out to get another job. Thankfully, there are a few select ways out there. I am going to focus on  Adversal and how you can use it to earn money.



If you have ever heard of AdSense, then you may be familiar with some of what Adversal has to offer. This company has proven to be an excellent way to monetize your personal blog or website. They have been in business since 2003 and they have been successful in serving publishers around the world.



Who are Adversal?



I’m sure that you may be wondering, ‘What is Adversal and how exactly can this company benefit me as a writer’? Adversal have been in business since 2003, and have since that time been highly successful in helping international writers and publishers.



Adversal is best recognized as a CPM ad network. They began by using pop-up advertisements, and have evolved to various genres of advertising. With several aspects to choose from, such as content, bounce rate, traffic, niche and price- it seems that Adversal is certainly thriving.



 Becoming A Publisher With Adversal



Adversal likes to refer to the many bloggers and writers hosted on their website as ‘Publishers’, and I believe that the word fits just nicely. I must warn you, in preparing to join Adversal you may find that it can be a bit challenging.



So I have done the research for you, and have made a list of the most important requirements that any writer or blogger should have in order to become eligible to join this website. Here are the necessary elements that you will need to meet:  



  • All websites need to attract an average of about 50,000 viewers to their pages every month prior to joining Adversal.
  • Adversal does not approve websites that have not been updated on a regular basis.
  • A publisher’s website must not host any content that Adversal will deem objectionable, before or after approval to join.
  • Adversal also does not allow websites to join if they participate in excessive advertising.
  • Allwriter or blogger websites must contain 100% original content.
  • Websites that are ‘Under Construction’ or lacking enough data will be automatically rejected by Adversal; this also applies to single-page websites. 

The Advantages Of Using Adversal



One of the best things about being a writer on Adversal, is that you are given the opportunity to pick from a huge variety of advertising formats, including medium rectangle, pop-up, banner, leaderboard, ministitial, skyscraper or even wide skyscraper. 



I also like the fact that Adversal has chosen to pay their publishers on a‘page impression’ basis; this means that page views are used as the basic method of payment. Whether your blog site is large or small, you will still have the equal potential to get paid, and this is great news!



Adversal also provides ad codes to its publishers so you will not have to worry about any pop-up blockers getting in the way here, and all of the CPM rates have shown to be pretty high on the market (the site has quoted a 100% fill rate this far, if that says anything).



How Does Adversal Pay Its Writers?



Writers and bloggers alike are paid on a NET 35 basis system- the minimum pay-out is only $20 USD if you request to receive your funds via Paypal or by Check. That is awesome for writers who are looking to make a living on Adversal.



Using these methods, you will not need to wait until you stack up larger payments. If you happen to host a smaller website, then this option will benefit you. Wire transfer options are also available for those who have earned over $250 or more.


Conclusions Of My Adversal Review – The Pros And Cons Of Adversal



There are both pros and cons as a writer who wants to make a living using Adversal. I have listed a few of them below for you, in order of ‘Good versus Not So Good’ statistics:



  • Adversal.com now offers affiliate programs to their members
  • All publishers are eligible to earn a 10% referral income
  • There is an excellent customer service support line
  • There is international acceptance for new members world-wide
  • Users are able to view the reporting system anytime that they like for recent statistics
  • As a publisher, you must be able to attract most of your viewers from the US and Canada to make the most money (this provides the maximum CPM)
  • From time to time, the traffic stats may vary due to ad blockers
  • In case your website is not initially approved to join Adversal, you must wait for 1 month in order to be eligible to reapply
  • Unfortunately, the reporting system is not updated in real-time



OK, there you go and I hope that you have seen how much that you can benefit as a writer making a living with Adversal no matter where in the world you may be in.