7 Tips To Be More Productive In Your Home Business

7 Tips To Be More Productive In Your Home Business






So you are now running or intend to set up your home business.  The thing is, being your own boss is a double edged sword. On the upside you no longer have to follow somebody else’s instructions and you are free to work how and when you want to


The downside is, you no longer have to follow somebody else’s instructions and you are free to work how and when you want to.


Here are 7 tips and tricks which will allow you To Be Instantly More Productive In Your Home Business



1 Learn The Difference Between Work And Play



I remember a few years ago there was a guy in the office who, every time I glanced over at his desk, was playing Solitaire. He must have been one hell of a player!  Needless to say he did not hang around for long



Although you may not be sitting around all day playing Solitaire, it is very easy to kid yourself that you are working when actually all you are doing is playing games. Spending time on Facebook whilst telling yourself that you are networking or surfing the web whilst convincing yourself that you are ‘searching for trending topics’ are ways that you can let play get in the way of work



The first thing you need to do is to stick to what is actually work and not play. If you are working, work! If you are having R&R then that’s what you are doing. Pretending play is work is unproductive, unhealthy and will get you nowhere



If you don’t have the self control needed to cut out playtime then you can use a site called Anti-Social   which will physically block you from distracting websites



tips be more productive



2 Treat your home business as…a business!



tips be more productive



A research company recently interviewed home business owners and asked them about the main things that distracted them whilst working from home; as you can see more than half of the people interviewed stated that most of their distractions came from their family



Now I want you to imagine that you are still working in your employed job and suddenly your wife or partner strolls up to your cubicle and says ‘honey can you get some groceries from the store?’



What would you say?



Well apart from ‘what are you doing here!’ you would probably have said ‘I can’t, I’m at work!’



Your family understand that when you are employed in an office that you are at work and they can’t disturb you so why can’t they understand this when you work from home?



You need to understand that your home business is just that – a business and your family need to understand that just because you are physically more available, you are still ‘at work’



Setting up ‘hours of business’ is a great idea as is having a room or separate area which you use as an office and in which you should not be disturbed – this will also help you get the right mindset for focussing on your business




3 Work out how much your time is worth




Here’s a question – how much do you want to be making online per month?


Let’s say the answer is $10,000


The next question is, how many hours are you going to put into your home business?


Let’s say the answer is 100 hours a month


You now know that your time is now $100 per hour


You now need to ask yourself whether the tasks you are doing match your pay grade


Would the CEO of Walmart be packing customer’s bags?


Does Richard Branson answer customer phone enquiries?


The obvious answer is no and you should not be either, this will be covered in the next few points




4 Identify your most productive activities



tips be more productive




Something that is incredibly helpful to understand is a concept known as ‘The Pareto Principle’


The idea behind this is that 20% of an activity will create 80% of its production.


This holds true for most things, most businesses receive 80% of their revenue from 20% of their clients, 80% of your business will come from 20% of your marketing


There will always be a top 20% of your activities which will result in 80% of your production – you need to focus on this top 20%



5 Delegate and outsource



We talked about your hourly rate for your online business. Let’s assume that it was $100 per hour; do you think that that following people on Twitter is worth $100 per hour? What about mowing the lawn, how much is that worth?


We’ve already looked at the 20% of activities that are the most productive, what you need to do now is to outsource the other 80% and get other people to do it for you.


There are a number of resources out there which will free up your time on the low production activities so that you can spend time on the jobs which make you money


You can either outsource specific jobs to a specific person through freelancing agencies such as Fiverr and People Per Hour. Alternatively you can employ somebody full or part time to manage part of your business.


There are highly educated and motivated individuals in countries such as India, Pakistan or the Philipines who will work a 40 day week for less than $250. 


Why, if your daily online rate is $100 per hour, would you do tasks such as following people on Twitter or general administration, when you can get somebody else to do the same task just as well for $6 an hour?


The agency I recommend is Easy Outsource who provide affordable outsourcing from the Philippines 



6 Automate



Wherever and whenever possible you should automate any process that would otherwise take up your precious time. There are automation tools for almost every task from email marketing to growing your Twitter following 



One amazing resource to try is IFTTT (If This Then That) which basically allows you to automate everything from Feedly, Twitter, Buffer and hundreds of other applications…for free!



Currently IFTTT supports more than 110 services (also called “channels”) as well as websites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Etsy, , Foursquare, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, WordPress, YouTube and many more



If you would like a great resource with a huge number of automation tools in one place then check this out 




7 Educate yourself



Now that you have maximised your efficiency you now need to raise the bar


You only know what you know and you only have the experience and knowledge that your activities and learning have given you


It is essential that you invest time and money into yourself to increase your abilities and potential


This should not just be technical knowledge but also should involve personal development to improve both  your attitude and mind-set


I chose my primary business for making money online partly because the products are all designed to provide the best education on internet marketing together with personal development, you can check it out here



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  1. Davin this is a great, comprehensive post that I think all Home Business owners should read. The issues and distractions you highlighted are indeed very real and it’s very easy to let precious time slip away on other things instead of actual work on your business. These are great tips to help home business owners focus on the things that matter the most!

  2. Great post. Also love the hard workers doing 40 day weeks. That is dedication.

    There are highly educated and motivated individuals in countries such as India, Pakistan or the Philipines who will work a 40 day week for less than $250.

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