7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets To Obtaining Personal Magnetism

irresistible attraction secrets personal magnetism

7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets To Obtaining Personal Magnetism



Successful people all seem to have one thing in common; a quality that is obvious as soon as you come in contact with them. Some would call it character or charisma, often it is known as personal magnetism. You may think that they are born with this but actually you can attract this charisma to yourself. Here are 7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets That Will Show You How To Obtain Your Own Personal Magnetism



You Are Your Own Compass



You are like a compass and you will pull towards yourself that to which you are both attracted by and by that which is attracted to you due to the energy that you are giving out



The important thing to understand here is that you decide your true north and through training and dedication you can bring to yourself that which you desire through focussing your energies.



You can also develop a personal magnetism by making yourself attractive to others who are interested in what you have simply having more of this energy yourself which will naturally draw people to you like iron filings to a magnet



Realise That Everything Is Made Up Of The Same Energy



From the huge to the small; from a Galaxy to an Atom we are all made up of energy. Whether solid, liquid or gas, all is energy is made up ultimately of the same stuff



This means that all of the burning issues, religion, sex, money are all at core energy based. The chair on which you sit was once simply an idea in someone’s mind or even if made by a computer then that was once somebody’s idea.



Once you grasp the idea that money is simply an idea or that popularity, success and happiness are all part of the same energy source then your life will be changed forever



Thoughts Become Things



A wise man once said ‘You become What You think About’ and this is absolutely the case



A tidy mind normally results in a tidy house, a mind processing happiness and abundance will manifest itself in so many ways into that person’s physical life from the way they talk to the way they walk to the way that other people react to them due to the energy they are producing – their personal magnetism



understanding this concept is absolutely essential because once understood and accepted change can occur as you effectively begin to reprogram your mind to work at a different frequency



Like Goes To Like



You have probably heard the saying ‘Birds Of A Feather Flock Together’ One of the first steps towards attaining a personal magnetism is to be mindful of with whom you mix.



If you spend you time with listless, uninspiring people then you will feed off of that energy and are much more likely to act the same as a result. If you hang out with inspirational, motivated happy people then you will begin to process that energy and become the same



Therefore, in order to attain personal magnetism a full inventory of the quality of people and places that you currently spend your  time with is essential, together with a preparation to alter these if they are no longer appropriate for your newly energised life



Our Realities are Created Through Our Thoughts And Emotions




To make evident to the senses, especially to the sight; to show plainly; to reveal or display what may have first been obscured or hidden; to appear in visible form.


What you think about and focus on will materialise in your life, this is simply a law of physics, like goes to like and the focus point of your attention will be the trigger for what you manifest


It is absolutely essential therefore that you consciously and actively decide what your focus will be as this will be the entry point to your success. Or Failure



You Need To Leave Behind Negative, Toxicm Bad News And Gossip



How can you obtain character or charisma?. Here are 7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets That Will Show You How To Obtain Your Own Personal Magnetism



Your brain is the generator and your senses, particularly your eyes are the fuel that we provide for this amazing machine. You need to be very careful as to what fuel you put into your generator!



The focus of the mass media, be it Televison, Newspaper, Radio or Online is to advertise and promote by attracting as many people as possible to their particular medium. More often than not this is directed towards the common denominators of fear, despair, shock and sensationalism. None of this is energising or uplifting and should at least be managed if not avoided altogether



Focus On Positivity And Abundance To Attract Your own Personal Magnetism



How can you obtain character or charisma?. Here are 7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets That Will Show You How To Obtain Your Own Personal Magnetism



Instead focus on putting ‘high grade ‘ fuel into yourself. This could be meditation, uplifting  motivating video , self help or personal development guides or generally anything that will get your personal magnetism vibrating at a finer frequency



Below is a fantastic Audio which will help you make a change for the better and begin to create your own personal magnetism