5 Tips To Create An Amazingly Good LinkedIn Profile

5 Tips To Create An Amazingly Good LinkedIn Profile


create good linkedin profile

For Business Leads, LinkedIn Is The Place To Be And Your Profile Is The First Thing Your Potential Clients Will See – Here Are 5 Tips To Ensure You Create An Amazingly Good LinkedIn Profile



According to Hubspot  LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter, Clearly you need to get on Linkedin and make sure that you are in a position to benefit from the potential avalanche of leads that will be heading your way




Whether you will benefit or not will depend on your profile and whether or not you have optimised it. Here are my 5 Tips To Create An Amazingly Good LinkedIn Profile




1 Put yourself in the picture
create good linkedin profile


OK, this should be obvious, you need a picture but it is still surprising how many contacts have an empty avatar- get a photo guys!



And while we are at it; this is not the time for that cool photo of you partying, wearing a funky smurf suit or cuddling your dog, no matter how cute they are – save it for instagram and keep your LinkedIn photo professional



2 Put Keywords in your profile



One of the most important goals of your profile is to enable you to be found by your future client, employer or business partner. In order for this to happen you need to know what they are searching for and ensure that these Keywords are all over your profile – in a way that comes across as natural as possible



What these Keywords are depends very much upon what you are trying to achieve. Is it more sales? Are you looking to find a new position? Think about what key phrases sum up what you are about and will get you noticed and then make sure they are in your profile



For example, let’s say you provide legal advice and that you specialise in helping divorcing women in Austin, Texas



What you now need to do is to work out what are the best Keywords and phrases that your potential clients are searching for.



I suggest you make a list of, say, the top 20 words that your clients are searching for and then look to incorporate them naturally in your profile in the following ways






There is nothing to stop you adding, after your name, divorce attorney (or whatever is appropriate) to further describe what you do






Don’t be vague What do you do?! Put it down, make it obvious so that your clients can find you and know that you will solve their problem







This is the meat and potatoes of your profile – explain the full features and benefits of what you do, making it obvious what value you provide and remember at all times to include those keywords






Obviously include the Keywords in your current position but you can also include them in past positions. Even if you took a complete career U-turn there is nothing wrong with saying something along the lines of ..and this really helped me to prepare for my current position as … and you are back on track






It should be obvious but ensure that the Keywords that your clients are search for (ie marital law, mediation or whatever) are also the skills for which are being endorsed



Languages, Education and Additional Information



Although not as essential these can certainly help to relate with, say, fellow Alumni and certainly if your occupation is a translator then you would be advised to pay close attention to the language section! 


create good linkedin profile

3 Provide value and highlight the benefits that you provide to your future clients



The summary section in particular provides the opportunity to highlight the benefits you provide and give value.



Don’t just pitch but use some of these features to deliver value to the people checking out your profile



  • Provide Testimonials and social proof
  • Embed a company video that showcases your work or even better provides education and value
  • Add a presentation through apps such as Slideshare 
  • Add imagery to the summary section
  • Ensure you have a link to your company page and if you don’t have one get one



4 Create a call to action



If a girl agrees to dinner and makes it to your front  door than at the very least kiss her goodnight and don’t just close the door in her face!



There’s no point going to all the trouble of providing a great profile summary only to leave your reader hanging and unsure what to do next



Make sure that your profile provides a clear call to action so your prospect knows what to do next



If you want them to call and make an appointment tell them – and provide the telephone number



Want them to like your Facebook Page? Give them the link and ask them to like it



If a phone call is too much too soon, get them to join your mailing list. You can use tools such as LeadPages to get people to opt in, often in exchange for some free stuff such as a resource guide or a video



5 Set Up Your Vanity URL



Finally, you don’t want to have a fantastic LinkedIn profile, only for it to be difficult to share it because you stuck with the default LinkedIn URL you are provided with



You can easily set up your own customised or Vanity URL which can be shared so much more easily


create good linkedin profile



Simply click on ‘custom your public profile URL’ when editing your profile and you quickly create a personalised and much more shareable link to share your new and improved LinkedIn profile to your current and future business partners


create good linkedin profile