5 Awesome Email Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

5 Awesome Email Marketing Tools For Your Online Business


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Email Marketing works; it’s that simple.



According to the Direct Marketing Association Email Marketing produces a ROI of 4,300% 



Here are my top 5 tools to help you with your email marketing 




1 Increase Your Opt Ins Using Lead Magnets via Lead Pages



First you need opt ins so you have somebody to market to and  giving away free content through the use of lead magnets is the fastest way to grow your audience, email list and newsletter subscribers.



The easiest way to do this is via Lead Pages who provide a seamless method to deliver any type of bribe, like zip files, PDFs, free reports, entire courses, videos, MP3s and so on 



2 Stay Out Of The Junk Folder Using Hub Spot’s Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words



Use certain words and phrases in your email and your message is heading straight to junk. Check out Hub Spot’s ultimate list of SPAM trigger words and your message will end up where it needs to be – in your prospect’s inbox 



3 Get your emails opened by using The Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer



Zig Ziglar said it best when he stated ‘People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons’



The Headline analyzer lets you measure the love you are sending to your list.



They have developed a software program which has access to the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) created by certain impact words.



The program uses special alogorithms to quickly compare the words of your headline and confirms whether your list will love or hate the message you are sending them 



4 Get Your Message To Your Reader At The Right Time Using Perfect Timing From Get Response



Timing is everything and everyone on your list has their perfect moment for receiving your email, that exact time of day when they are way more likely to hit open rather than click delete 



Perfect Timing is a feature of Get Response that can calculate that exact moment and ensures that your email is delivered on exactly the right occasion to maximise the chance that they will respond



5 Write Great Copy Using The Hemingway App



Great copy sells and you can write like a pro using The Hemingway App



This free App will tell you if your message is too complex and needs shortening and will automatically suggest improvements to your text so that the result is bold, clear – and sells!