10 Reasons Working Online From Home Is Better For Your Kids

I am an internet juggler; I have learned how to juggle diapers (clean and dirty) baby food, baby puke and pee whilst running both an online and offline business.The fact that I can only type one handed has finally come in useful as most of the time I have a child in one hand whilst building my online business with the other.



Why did I decide to set up an online home business? Here are my top 10 reasons for deciding to set up an online business so I can work from home


1 No Need To Do The Daily Commute


According To The US Census Bureau The Average Commute In The US is almost 25 minutes. That’s 100 hours per year that you are bumper to bumper in traffic and 100 less hours that you are with your kids, not to mention the savings in gas. Work from home and you get to spend that time with them



2 You No Longer Need To Leave Your Children In Day Care



Is there anything worse than the look in your children’s eyes when you leave them in somebody else’s care whilst you go off to make money for your boss? According to Runzheimer International, the U.S. national average cost for full-time day care is $611 a month; that is $611  back in your pocket



3 You will be there to see those magical first moments



Who do you want to witness those magical first moments; the first smile; sitting up for the first time; their first steps, their first words – you or your babysitter? Enough said    .



4 Reduce Your Stress



For many parents the guilt of not being home with their children causes so much stress that they don’t enjoy the time that they do have with their children. If you are home with your children you will have less stress and you will have more quality time with your kids



5 Your Kids Will Grow Up Smarter



The first few years of your children’s development are absolutely crucial and the best developer of your child’s brain is you. If you are there to interact with your kids then they will grow up smarter – period



6 You don’t have to earn much money to earn the same as when you were working



If you look at all of the costs involved in getting to work; the cost of the commute, daycare, the cost of that coffee in the morning and lunch (estimated at over $3,000 per year) even the cost of buying clothes for work and the $500 average annual cost of dry cleaning and the money that you have to make up to be on a par financially starts to come down dramatically, especially as you will now be in a lower tax bracket.



7 When you do start making money you will pay less tax



There are two tax systems; those for employees and a much lower tax for those for people who run their own business. Working for yourself from home means that you have more tax write offs and more of the money you earn goes in your pocket



8 You can home school your kids



Although not for everybody, many parents believe that Home-schooling happier, smarter children. If you run a home business you have the choice to homeschool and you will save money on the costs of travel, food and clothing



9 Your Kids will eat healthier food



Investigations into public school food suggest that some schools offer little more than reorganized junk food

If you are concerned about the quality of the food that your kids are eating working from home means that you get to choose what they eat resulting in a much healthier diet



10 You can take more time off



If you work online from home you can set your own holidays. No more having to put up with a measly 2 weeks off work then anxiously waiting for the next holiday – you can choose the amount of time you spend on holiday with your kids and where you spend it