10 Amazingly Useful Free Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

10 Amazingly Useful Free Marketing Tools For Your Online Business




Here are a list 10 of amazingly useful marketing tools that I have found incredibly helpful in running my business. All are free, some are ‘freemium’ versions but as I have found that I get all I need without needing to upgrade I have included them here – I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!





1 Jing – Take A Screenshot Of Your PC


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From Techsmith, the same guys that make Camtasia Jing is a completely free tool that simply allows you to take screen prints of your computer and add basic text and images


Check out their video on how it works

2. Buzzsumo – Find The Most Popular Articles Over The Last Year By Title



 Buzzsumo is brilliant; simply put into the search box any word relevant to your niche such as ‘diet’ and Buzzsumo will provide you with the most shared articles in order of popularity from 1 day to 1 year ago over different social media sites with the ability to sort by type such as  article, video,  giveaway and others. 




free marketing tools online



The paid version gives more searches but personally I have found that the free version easily gives enough information to be incredibly helpful



3. Hashtagify – Discover Related Hashtags To Your Keyword For Your Twitter Marketing



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Simple yet effective; put in any keyword (let’s use ‘diet’ again) and the related Twitter hashtags for your chosen keyword are immediately displayed



 4. Canva – Create Custom Images Particularly Useful For Pinterest




 This design site is particularly useful for creating your own custom made pins for Pinterest. Here is one I created for this blog post 




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Canva offers paid options but personally I have never spent a penny on them and have still managed to produce great looking pictures such as this one 



free marketing tools online



5. Photor – Edit Existing Images Including Simple Text Overlay




Another site for editing images, Photor can be used to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, white balance, and saturation, sharpen/blur, add a vignette, or crop, straighten, rotate and more.




free marketing tools online



To be honest I mainly use it to overlay text on an image such as the one above 




6. Manage Flitter – Twitter Tool Particularly Particularly useful For Unfollowing Non Followers




Manage Flitter offers analytics, information on the best time to post to Twitter, unfollow and follow facilities, and search options.



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Whilst some of these options are paid you can simply use the free version to unfollow hundreds of people per day who are not following you giving you another opportunity to follow Twerps who are willing to engage




7 Leadpages – An incredibly Valuable Facebook Marketing Course At No Cost




Leadpages are a paid service offering high converting landing pages and unique and effective ways of building an email list; if you are serious about building a business online I strongly suggest using them



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However, they also offer a comprehensive and completely free training course on Facebook marketing which would cost hundreds of dollars anywhere else. You can get access to it here 




IFTTT – Automate Your Marketing



IFTTT (If This Then That) is an automation tool that does for free what other services such as Zapier charge hundreds of dollars for




 free marketing tools online



From the ridiculous, such as informing you by text of a Zombie apocalypse, to  the incredibly useful such as inviting each new twitter follower to join you on Linkedin IFTTT has a link (known as recipes) for almost every situation




9 Twitshot – Add An Image To Your Twitter Post



According to research from Twitter, adding an image to your Tweet will result in  a 35% boost in Retweets





The easiest way to add an image to your Twitter post is by using Twitshot; simply add your twitter post and link and the image is automatically taken from the post and is ready to be Tweeted out to your followers 




10. Download A You Tube Video To Your Computer To Then Upload To Your Blog Or You Tube Channel




There are lots of programs out there for downloading You Tube videos to your computer; most are complicated or involving downloads which often include malicious software




free marketing tools online




These instructions from Computerhope are easy to follow and involve no third party software. Just make sure you are familiar with You Tube’s 

 CopyRight guidelines








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